Digital Transformation

The digital change happens so fast these days that seeking orientation through best practices is like looking into the rear mirror. Thus, digital transformation has to replace traditional practices with logical but unproven new digital concepts. Under these challenging conditions a systematic trial-and-error-process is crucial. The strategic roadmap must be flexible enough to incorporate learnings from this continuous testing approach. Project managers with strategic as well as technical competence in the digital space are mission critical for this kind of approach. BTS is offering to take over the project lead if the focus is digital business model development and/or functional transformation of marketing, sales, product management and sourcing. Typically BTS starts digital transformation processes with a workshop phase (duration: about four to six weeks) so as to formulate project objectives, set tangible targets and specify the project approach in view of market requirements. The generic approach looks as follows:
  • In-depth interviews with business decision makers and operational experts
  • Desk research and market interviews about relevant technology and product trends
  • Fact based identification of strategic options (incl. indicative Business Cases)
  • Management-Workshop facilitated by senior BTS consultant, in order to specify transformation goals and actions
  • Documentation of workshop results and implementation plan