Customer Focus

BTS addresses three customer segments:
  • Established players in TIMES markets (Telecommunication, IT, Media, Entertainment) whose traditional business models are currently under pressure und business transformation urgently required.
  • Internet Startups and investors who want to see bold ideas become reality through professional business development and structured processes
  • Corporates from various industry sectors whose business models have not been challenged fundamentally, but intend to leverage new technologies for making marketing, sales and customer service more effective

BTS provides support along the entire digital transformation:
  • Methodological/ technical evaluation
  • Business analysis & concept development
  • Planning and implementation of organizational changes
BTS combines the strength of classical Management Consulting (analytical competence, expertise in strategy and process development, project management skills) with in-depth understanding of implementation technologies and problem driven competence sourcing. The latter implies that BTS involves domain experts in view of the project related tasks. The advantage of this approach is that project staffing is not driven by capacity utilization considerations of the service provider but by project related competence needs.