Data-Driven Marketing

In the past 20 years data volumes exploded in the enterprise world. Key driver of this development have been ERP and CRM systems, the ubiquitous data generation and processing via decentral office software as well as the rise of the stationary and mobile internet. Digital tracking technologies in combination with big data infrastructures have accelerated this trend. As a result, Data-Driven User Centricity, i.e. the ability to individually address user, is becoming reality. BTS helps enterprises to exploit this new business potential. Based on a proper understanding of the domain as well as of the overall enterprise objectives, the BTS team develops in close cooperation with the client’s business decision makers relevant use cases and validates them via empirical tests. Depending on their outcome, business requirements will be further specified and translated into technical solution concepts. This kind of approach is cross-functional by nature, because it affects diverse business owners as well as internal services (such as IT and data analytics). BTS has a track record in leading these complex cross-functional processes.