BTS supports the digital transformation of enterprises. It covers the entire service scope from strategy development to implementation.

Project focus:

  • Evaluation and development of digital business models
  • Digitization and automation of business processes
  • Data excellence in marketing, sales and product management
  • Real Time Advertising related enabling of advertisers and publishers
  • Development of privacy compliant user profiling concepts
  • Are you afraid of Google?

    How well do you know your digital competitors?

    Did you believe in Zalando?

    When will you officially publish your orgchart on LinkedIn?

  • When will you have more online than offline-contacts with your customers?

    When will your Social Media communication lower your customer service costs significantly?

    Or won't that be your problem anymore by then?

  • Are you afraid of the data deluge?

    Do you believe that Big Data is just a fad?

    Are you frequently missing exactly those data which you need for decision making?

  • Are you wondering why your employees rarely use the acquired analytics and collaboration tools?

    Do you believe that middle managers are keen on making their work transparent?

    Are you interested in this transparency?

  • Do you know which customer data are hidden in your databases?

    Do you have an idea how you could improve your business with these data?

    Or do you find this irrelvant for you bonus, because the impact will only be medium term?

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