Offshore Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs) denotes the outsourcing of semi-complex tasks such as market research and Software-application. Generally these tasks should be highly repetitive, so that the outsourcing personnel will be ab able to perform them at a much lower costs than in countries like Germany, France or UK. The training phase, however, usually takes longer than in these Western countries.

BTS has a branch in the Philippines where it closely cooperates with local KPO-Suppliers. Thanks to the close connection to the Berlin HQ, European companies enjoy a much better service than in a direct offshore relationship. One of the key challenges is that many companies which intend to outsource processes lack of process documentations. Thus, it is imperative for a successful process migration that proper process and technical descriptions are worked out before the outsourcing starts so that the resources in South East Asia can be trained accordingly. BTS steers this key process, thereby making sure that the critical transfer phase can be mastered successfully.